Marina Kozak


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noun  |  /SHrəb/

1. a low usually several-stemmed woody plant

2. an aged blend of fruit juice, sugar, and spirits served chilled and diluted with water

3.  an obsessively-crafted experience, a multi-sensory homage to niche aesthetics, an off-the-wall gathering of fun / creative / weird / interesting people to eat, meet, and maybe compete. It's an unpolished smorgasbord wrought with heavy levity and peppered with spirited conversation. It's kind of a supper club, kind of an extravaganza, kind of a game. But, above all this, and most importantly, it's a party, so don't take it too seriously.

Shrub Society is the passion project of me, Marina Kozak, and my best friend Peter Diamond. We are the co-founders, art directors, fabricators, hype men and occasionally performers for this series of one night existential extravaganzas. 

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