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SO I just think this turned out cool, but honestly, I'm not sure I'm committed enough to the finger numbing process of embroidery to continue. Bu,t I was recently really hung up on the idea of red on red textiles and on the idea of doing something very elegant and very dark in a traditional medium. So I used all my Joann Fabrics coupons and bought me some red embroidery thread, red cotton, and some embroidery junk. 

First I tried out some straight up embroidery of a bird dying mid flight. Knowing I would not be committed enough to flush out an entire piece, I wanted to to do something that could stand alone and still be visually impactful. It took about 8-10 hours and my fingers were killing me at the end of it, but otherwise I think it turned out pretty cool!

Because I was pretty stoked with the results, but didn't really have the time to pump out another piece thread by thread I decided to take a different approach and try laser cutting a felt back plate first.

So I sketched some stuff up, brought it into Illustrator and then plugged it into the laser cutter at work and I think the felt cut piece is pretty impressive all by itself.

Embroidery #2 sneak peek! #embroidery #illustration #lasercutter #ledgend

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